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names: kassie, puru
d.o.b.: september 9 1994
zodiac: virgo (western), dog (chinese)
gender: female
height: 5'4''/162cm
weight: hey...
eye color: blue-gray
hair color: dishwater blonde
ethnicity: german (75%), irish/dutch/french (25%)
nationality: american
relationship status: taken
personality: generally quiet and keeps to self, not wanting to be bothered. doesn't mean any harm. not a stranger to vulgar humor, but doesn't care for needlessly offensive stuff. brainlet with brainrot.
likes: drawing, baking, sewing, arts and crafts, cleaning, cute bugs, watching youtube, sleeping, girly fashion
dislikes: back pain, hatefulness, being told what to do, really spicy food, anxiety, dirtiness


colors: pale lavender, peachy pink, light yellow, powder blue, minty green
foods: chicken quesadillas, baked potatoes, salads, strawberries, peaches, celery, carrots, steak, chicken tenders
drinks: tea (peach, earl grey, chai), VERY COLD ice water, cocacola(vanilla, regular)
desserts: soft cakes (white and confetti), parfaits, chocolate covered pretzels
aesthetics: cottagecore, angelcore, academia (dark, light, etc), victorian gothic, general cute and soft styles
video games: POKEMON!!!!!, zelda, mario, kirby, yume nikki (and fangames), jimmy and the pulsating mass, alice: madness returns
characters: princess peach (mario), korilakkuma (san-x), mewkledreamy (sanrio), cream teddy (show by rock!), madotsuki (yume nikki), good hunter (bloodborne), wolf (sekiro), subway bosses (pokemon), gym leader kabu (pokemon)
places: my bedroom, the mall, quiet cafes, themed shops/restaurants/etc


i may make a proper contact page one day but today is not that day i guess. if you need to get in touch the best way currently is to send me an email at purupurple@gmail.com because i don't use social media or anythin' anymore and e-mail is just faster methinks.

i'm not the best with conversation if it isn't about my extremely specific hyperfixation of the month or things that i generally like a whole bunch, but if you need something i figured i'd at least provide a way for anyone to get in touch. i'll answer questions you may have, might forget to respond to comments, and hope you don't have any concerns.