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names: kassie, puru
d.o.b.: september 9 1994
zodiac: virgo (western), dog (chinese)
gender: female
height: 5'4''/162cm
weight: hey...
eye color: blue-gray
hair color: dishwater blonde
ethnicity: german (75%), irish/dutch/french (25%)
nationality: american
relationship status: taken
likes: drawing, baking, sewing, arts and crafts, cleaning, cute bugs, watching youtube, sleeping, girly fashion
dislikes: back pain, hatefulness, being told what to do, really spicy food, anxiety, dirtiness

oh gee, i guess i ought to talk a little about myself huh? well, alright... where do i start...?

well for one i'm not very scared of most bugs. oh, that's probably not very good to begin with, is it? umm... i really like cute things, in case you couldn't tell. i collect plushies and pastel stuff and girly feminine garbage and it's filling up my room too fast oh god what do i do i cant shove it all into my closet anymore. in particular i really like polka dots, teddy bears, and video game stuff. i'm not shy about putting it on display for everyone to see, my room is a mess of cuteness. friends have told me it hurts their eyes. good.

i'm also an artist and i've been drawing since i was very very little, but started drawing seriously when i saw fanart of an anime i didn't watch and realized "wait! i can do that too...!?" and now here i am, a "serious" artist for 15+ years. character design in particular is what i like the most, some of my biggest inspirations are sanrio, san-x, and pokemon. the biggest thing i've done is that i made the fruity bugs tanjerin and cerise from bug fables with the help of my beloved. i make a lot of characters, from fancharacters to completely original characters to avatar/sona/self-insert characters. why? like... for funsies, duh. i've also been a yumejoshi/self-inserter since i was a child, but i don't really talk about it much i guess.

i like to dabble in other arts and crafts and one day i'll figure out how to make an art page but if you're curious as to what my style looks like... well, the whole website is almost entirely original assets save for stuff that's clearly from really old websites. y'know, for the ~aesthetic~. it's a neocities website after all, y'know? yeah. i also have a few sites where i post my art on my links page so if you'd like to see other stuff that's cool. one day i'll set up an art page here but coding that would be difficult, i think... maybe one day...

i think the only other thing i want to mention is that i'm pretty sure that i'm neurodivergent. although there has not been any professional diagnosis of what it is as of yet, i believe it's very possible that it might be autism. i dunno, i just feel like i should mention it. it's better than saying "i'm a bizarre weirdo but i don't bite". though, that applies all the same, biting people probably tastes really bad.

uh other than that i can't think of much else to say. maybe when i do i'll edit this later!


in no particular order

colors: pale lavender, peachy pink, pale yellow, powder blue, minty green
foods: steak quesadillas, baked potatoes, salads, strawberries, peaches, celery, carrots, steak, chicken tenders
drinks: tea (peach, earl grey, chai), VERY COLD ice water, cocacola(vanilla, regular)
desserts: cake (white and confetti), parfaits, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate with almonds
aesthetics: cottagecore, angelcore, academia (dark, light, etc), victorian gothic, general cute and soft styles
video games: POKEMON!!!!!, zelda, mario, kirby, yume nikki (and fangames), jimmy and the pulsating mass, alice: madness returns
characters: princess peach (mario), korilakkuma (san-x), mewkledreamy (sanrio), cream teddy (show by rock!), madotsuki (yume nikki), good hunter (bloodborne), wolf (sekiro), subway bosses ingo and emmet (pokemon), gym leader kabu (pokemon)
places: my bedroom, the mall, quiet cafes, themed shops/restaurants/etc


i may make a proper contact page one day but today is not that day i guess. if you need to get in touch the best way currently is to send me an email at purupurple@gmail.com because i don't use social media or anythin' anymore and e-mail is just faster methinks.

i'm not the best with conversation if it isn't about my extremely specific hyperfixation of the month or things that i generally like a whole bunch, but if you need something i figured i'd at least provide a way for anyone to get in touch. i'll answer questions you may have, might forget to respond to comments, and hope you don't have any concerns.